A Blog Tour: My Critique Partners Past

I’ve had quite a few critique partners over the years, most of them early on when I was trying out lots of different situations–groups, one on one, online, offline, etc–to see what worked best for me. A fun part of looking back over these relationships is realizing how many of the talented women I’ve critiqued with have gone on to sell books (most of us worked together while we were still unpublished). Here’s a little tour:

Cindy Procter-King
also writing as

Bethany Griffin

Nancy Warren

Tessa Radley

HelenKay Dimon

I’m starting to sound like a big name-dropper, aren’t I? Truly I’ve been lucky to critique with all these writers. Sometimes the critiquing relationships were short due to life circumstances, and sometimes they were long, but I gained valuable insights about my writing from all of them.

Am I forgetting anyone I’ve critiqued with who has a website? If so, let me know! My memory isn’t great, and I don’t want to leave anyone out.


  1. Weird. I don’t know why it does that. Nor do I know why Google’s little blurb about my website still displays info from when my second book was released, years and years ago.

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