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***This Time It’s Real is a reprint of my 2009 title, Baby Under the Mistletoe***

its-high-resolutionHaving a baby isn’t exactly in Soleil Freeman’s plans. Being single and pregnant? Even further from her to-do list. Still, she can make this work… if she can figure out how to handle the father.

West Morgan is absolutely perfect summer distraction material. But building a life with a guy who’s all about picket fences and tradition is not her deal. Funny thing happens when she drops the “Merry Christmas, you’re gonna be a dad” news, though. That delicious attraction that fueled their affair is alive and well. And when West embarks on a campaign to be a family, she’s more open to the idea than she thought possible.

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Could this be their happily ever after?

This is so not what she expected. Promise Lake is supposed to launch single mom Emmy Van Amsted’s new life. It’s not supposed to be her past revisited. But thanks to the unwelcome tenant in the family home, that’s exactly what’s happening. And the tenant is none other than her college sweetheart Aidan Caldwell—the man whose marriage proposal she turned down flat. The awkwardness doesn’t end there, however. Emmy is still very attracted to Aidan. But she has a clear vision for her future. Which is why she can’t get involved with him…no matter what sparks fly between them. That’s just asking for trouble, isn’t it? Or is Aidan her chance to create the family she’s always wanted?

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Coming in Early 2017, a steamy paranormal romance–check back soon for details:


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  1. Angela Starling

    Hello. I read “Call Me Wicked” recently and enjoyed it very much. The novel ended with the possiblity of a revolution between witches and mortals. I’m interested in a continuation of that story with the same characters: Lauren Parish and Carson McCullen, etc. Have you written any follow-up books with that story line? If so, what are they and are they available for sale? Thank you.

    Angela Starling
    San Marcos, Texas

  2. Mary

    Not much info here at all. Do you have another website with info about your previous and upcoming books? I agree with comment 1- that’s why I came here too. But no info to be had here!

  3. Annette

    Ditto – I came for some info reguarding Call Me Wicked as well. Also, for you ladies above, (you probably already know this, but I’ll say it anyway!) Lauren and Carson met in the book The Sex Quotient. Are there any more connecting stories?

  4. Hi All, I’m sorry this site is short on information! I took down my old website that had tons of book info, and transferring all those books here is more work than I anticipated. It’s on the to-do list!

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