What I’m Reading Now

I’m going through a blah reading period right now, where nothing is grabbing me and making me want to stay up late to find out what happens next. I’m listening to the audio version of Shantaram on my iPod, and I have various half-finished books next to my bed, but everything’s leaving me feeling kind of lukewarm.

What’s the last thing you read that grabbed you and wouldn’t let go? And what are you reading right now?


  1. Dana Deckard

    The last thing I read that wouldn’t let go was the “Twilight” series. I don’t know what it was about those books but I couldn’t stop reading! I wasn’t even interested in them until all of my friends had said they read them and I thought maybe I should get in the loop. Now I am a fan. I am currently reading “Wish You Well” by David Baldacci. It’s a good story. Easy to read.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Funny, I just posted about my TBR pile on my blog a few days ago, too. I’m currently reading LOVE WALKED IN by Marisa de los Santos. Just finished TURTLE VALLEY, which is set in B.C., by Canadian writer Gail Anderson-Dargatz, and also LOOK ME IN THE EYE, a memoir about growing up with Asperger’s, by John Elder Robison, whose brother, Augusten Burroughs, wrote RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, etc. Would recommend them all.

  3. WordPress’s time settings confuse me. Why can’t it just use GMT? Instead it’s some other time format. I’ve tried twice to get it right and still obviously haven’t. Ugh.

  4. Hi Dana! Good to see you here! I started reading Twilight but never got hooked. I keep meaning to go back and give it another try, because maybe I just didn’t give it enough time. Maybe that’s what I’ll pull out tonight and try reading… Will report back!

  5. Cindy, did you like Look Me In the Eye better than Running With Scissors? Just curious. I liked the latter quite well, but it took me a while to get into it. I’m fascinated by Asperger’s, so I should check out that memoir.

  6. Mel K.

    I just finished THE WHISPERING ROOM by Amanda Stevens. Her books are fantastic. You don’t want to stop reading! She’s also written THE DEVIL’S FOOTPRINTS and THE DOLLMAKER which I enjoyed as well.
    I’m reading an ARC now for review. Not gonna tell what it is. It will be in my MySpace blog shortly. šŸ™‚

  7. Mel K.

    Read DEVIL’S FOOTPRINTS first! I promise. You won’t be able to put it down. I think Amanda Is really good at building suspense.

  8. Jamie, I liked RUNNING WITH SCISSORS better. I’ve also read DRY and WOLF AT THE TABLE (all by Burroughs), and I like RWS best, although WOLF is good for getting a different perspective (RWS mainly dealt with his mom, WOLF with his dad).

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