Why I Heart My Kindle

My last Harlequin Blaze novel, Made You Look, is available as a Kindle ebook now.

Actually, some of my other Harlequin novels too have been released again as ebooks. More links to come.

Do you have a Kindle or any other ebook reader? I bought one this summer, reluctant to spend so much money on yet another electronic device, and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorite possessions. My reasons to love it are many: it’s sturdy and lightweight, so I can pack it easily in my purse and don’t have to worry about it being damaged in transit. Buying books on it is ridiculously easy–too easy, actually. This is both a plus and a minus, since it can lead to more book purchases than my budget allows.

I also love that I can download a free sample of any book I’m interested in, and this has led me to far fewer disappointing purchases. If the book hasn’t grabbed me by the end of the sample, I don’t buy it. There are still a few books I’d rather have in hard copies–mainly reference books–but for most of my reading purposes, I love love love my groovy little Kindle. The most pathetic reason? It’s easier to hold than a regular book. Yes, I admit it, I’m too lazy to hold a book open sometimes.

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