My September Release

Here’s the cover for my upcoming September book, Made You Look. I’ll created a book page for it soon with more info. Stay tuned:

Made You Look Cover


      • The RT Review:

        MADE YOU LOOK (4.5) by Jamie Sobrato: Ari Day realizes that running a popular supper club has turned her into someone she doesn’t recognize. Her sensuality has disappeared in the last two years after a traumatic event. She wants to sell her club, but she feels it’s important to keep its identity and retain her staff. Noah Keller has risen from homelessness to become wealthy and successful. Control is important, so he doesn’t want to agree to any conditions for the sale. Since she can see into his apartment, Ari realizes that Noah has slept with a lot of women. Is he just a sensual bachelor, or is his relationship with women more troubled? This wonderful book has attractive and real characters. This story of a contest of wills goes in unexpectedly serious directions.

  1. Diana

    My hometown bridge is in the background. So this book takes place in San Francisco? Love stories that are set where I live!

  2. So that would make them standing on a balcony on the Marin Headlands if I’m looking at this right. Did the art department know there’s no apartments on the Marin headlands? Or is that some kind of a tram? I swear, I’m literally squinting at the blow up of the cover to figure this out.

    No, I do not have a life. Funny, you should ask. LOL

    But seriously, love the premise and the excerpt! I’ve missed your hot and funny Blaze’s and can’t wait to read this one. It looks like it’s going to be a classic.

    • Aww, thanks Lori.

      And regarding the cover art, please don’t strain to wrap your mind around that inconsistency. No, they’re not on the Marin Headlands, LOL.

      There’s supposed to be quite a bit of city between the hero’s apartment and the bridge, but I guess I should just be happy there’s not, say, an Eiffel Tower stuck in the scene, right?

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