When Books Attack

Okay, so I disappeared for a wee little month and a half. It happens. The truth is, I was knocked on my butt by a book.

It all started like this… I wrote a manuscript last fall that didn’t go as I hoped it would. Things went wrong on many levels. I pushed through and got it written, working through vacation and Christmas and finishing it up December 26th. I turned it in, and a few months later, I got a call from my editor. Revisions. Okay, they happen with every book, but the problem was, I’d made such a mess with this one, I had major, major work to do to get the book back on the right track.

So I tried, and tried, and tried some more. It look a month longer than I told my editor it would. I hate being late. It makes me insane. I’m still not sure I did the book justice, but I tried my best.

And the moral of the story? Who knows. But expending extra energy to do anything writing-related, even my blog, was impossible for a while. I think I’m back on my feet now. So here goes…

What’s everyone been up to this spring? Planning to go to the RWA conference this year? I’m not, sadly. My bank account said no way.

Oh, and I’m blogging today at the Blaze Authors blog, www.blazeauthors.com, about my hermit tendencies with online social media.


  1. Judy Pennell

    I agree with Cindy—your book will rock! And, I have a better term than hermit for my social condition: Selectively Social. I’m very selective. Not very social. 😉

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