What happened to those witches?

I occasionally get email asking why my witch story, Call Me Wicked, ends with, like, um, very little resolved. These readers rightfully feel annoyed that they read all the way through the book only to discover at the end that, hey, this story needs a sequel and there isn’t one!

Trust me, if I could wave my magic publishing wand, there would be at least three more witch books to follow Call Me Wicked, which was supposed to be a prequel to a trilogy of stories that would tell everyone what happens to Sebastian, Maya, Corinne, and a few others.

I turned in those proposals thinking they were some of the best things I’d written, but unfortunately, they were rejected. Sob. Due to the steadiness of reader letters wishing for a sequel to Call Me Wicked, I have recently hauled out the old proposals and polished them up to try again. But for whatever reason, it’s not looking promising according to my agent.

I may do a bit more revising though. So for those of you frustrated by Wicked’s abrupt ending, don’t lose all hope yet. I’m still trying!


  1. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and anything else I can in hopes that you get the go-ahead for these stories! I loved Call Me Wicked and would love to see the Trilogy!

    BTW, I hope you’re feeling better! If you haven’t tried it, I use Airborne when I have a cold. I am on medications that prevent me from being able to take regular cold medicine and Airborne works great for me. It gives my immune system the boost it needs to kick the cold quickly.

  2. Mel K.

    Hmm..funny you would blog about this book. *smile*
    I, too, hope there will be more books about witches. Please keep trying! Is there a site readers can send e-mail saying we want more of your witch books?

  3. Thanks for the suggestion about Airborne–I’ll try it! I am feeling better–turns out I had strep throat so my first day on antibiotics made a huge improvement.

    And Mel, it never hurts to write Harlequin (there’s a contact email on the EHarlequin website) and let them know what you want more of.

  4. Mel K.

    Glad you’re feeling better, Jamie. I’ve had strep throat and it’s no fun. What antibiotic did they give you? They gave me Cipro and it was wonderful. No side affects or yeast infection. Works quick!
    Thanks. I’ll e-mail Harlequin and tell them, I WANT MORE WITCHES!

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