The Long Hard Winter

Ugh. I’m sick again. Went to the doctor today to make sure it isn’t strep, and she said it looks like just a virus. This, after having the flu for a full three weeks and then a trip to the hospital for a severe allergic reaction, all within the past 5 weeks. Woe is me.

Okay, that’s the end of my whining, I swear! It seems like this year everyone is getting hit hard by all the bugs going around. My kids have both been their sickest ever this year too. And while they’re not directly affected by all the grim economic news, I think the adults among us definitely are. It seems like these stressful times are wearing down our immune systems. I’m surprised this hasn’t shown up as a headline on yet.

And speaking of CNN, I’ve made a vow to stop looking at the news so much. My health can’t handle any more of it. What we need lots more of is good news. I know it’s out there. Anyone have some good news to share?

P.S. Speaking of good news, I’ll post the new contest winners in a bit…

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