Latest Winners

Mel K., Sewicked, and Kim are the winners of the latest contest. Winners, please email me (jamiesobrato AT yahoo DOT com) your full name and mailing address along with which book from my backlist you’d like as a prize. Congratulations!

And thank you to everyone for all the helpful suggestions! I’m going to try to include a bit of everything you mentioned.

I’m off to huddle in bed with my lemon ginger tea and watch Persuasion now that the cold medicine has kicked in.


  1. Mel K.

    YAY! Thanks, Jamie! I sent you e-mail. I’m so excited!

    Congrats to the other winners!

    Hope you feel better soon, Jamie. Rest! You need lots of rest. OH, and water! And chicken soup…and….

    • – They look quite happy with their costumes & I’m sure they were happy just the same. Besides, a baoalotd of candy is overrated! :- ) Oh, and btw, I bet I know why you don’t go all out for holidays you’re probably don’t have the time!

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