Writers’ Routines

This blog is a compilation of the daily routines of famous writers and artists. It makes for fascinating reading for those of us who care about such things. Check it out to see whose routine you most closely identify with and/or whose you can learn the most from: http://dailyroutines.typepad.com/daily_routines/

(Definitely smart to avoid the narcotics a few famous artists found so essential to their routines (until they crashed and burned).)

What struck me immediately about the list is how many more men than women were included. I’d love to see a list of the routines of women writers and artists. Why? Because we tend to be the ones who’ve mastered writing during nap time, writing at 5AM while the family is asleep, writing while breastfeeding, writing while sitting in the car during karate practice, writing at 11PM when the family is asleep…

With unlimited time available for creative acts, anyone, with enough self-discipline, can find the time to write or be creative in other ways. But for the rest of us? We must fight for that time. I’m fascinated by all the ways we manage to carve out time for creativity.

Although I’m far from being a morning person, I find that my mind is freshest at that time, if I can somehow wake it up enough to get going, so my current time-carving project is attempting to re-set my internal clock so that I can wake early and write.

What do you do to make time to be creative?


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