My Books Now Available on Kindle: The Sex Quotient

Did you know that The Sex Quotient is a prequel to Call Me Wicked?

Let the experiment begin!

Subject/victim: Griffin Reed

Theory: Sensual pleasure makes people stupid. Stupid people don’t get promotions. Therefore must have sex with Griffin to keep competitive edge…Procedure: Lots of satisfaction for Griffin. Contain self in order to keep brainpower optimal.

Macy Thomaston has just learned the most important scientific discovery ever–intense sexual pleasure leads to a temporary dip in IQ. Surely there’s a way to leverage this against Griffin Reed, her palm-sweatingly hot coworker…and the thorn in her professional side.

Macy just needs to blow Griffin’s mind–literally–and get her promotion without a single teeny release for herself. And she’s really hoping Griffin is lousy in bed….Otherwise this whole experiment could completely backfire!

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