The War of Art

I’m re-reading Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art right now and finding lots of reasons to love it all over again. This book never fails to make me want to hurry to the keyboard and get to writing. If you have any kind of creative project you find yourself procrastinating on starting or finishing, I highly recommend the book.

I moseyed on over to the author’s website today and read a great post of his on the choices we make.

Pressfield writes: “I have a theory that people who succeed in life—in relationships as well as art or business or service—are the ones who, for whatever reasons, are more able to say yes and walk through a door. Sometimes, I think, it’s better to be dumb than smart, if smart means you see so many sides to the alternative future that you’re paralyzed to act in the now. Almost every time in my own life that I’ve held off and hesitated, I’ve regretted it.”

Saying yes to an option does indeed often mean saying no to all the other possibilities, but all those choices we boldly make and move forward with are what make an interesting and worthwhile life. This applies to writing as well. I may agonize over starting one project versus another, but all the time I spend agonizing is time not spent getting to work. So I will remind myself to make a decision and get on with it. I’ve never regretted having done a hard day’s work, after all.


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