Free Books

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a book giveaway. So here it is. Free books! Whichever books you want. The catch? You’ll have to go on and do a search for my name in the books section to figure out which books you want. I’ll send up to 5 books each to the first 3 people who email me. There’s also a list a few posts back of all my book titles, if you want to go by titles alone.

Email me at with your choices. Quick! Before someone else does!


    • , just as you stated, that being with Him shulod be our one and only goal. Through everything highs and lows we need to stay close by His side. He shelters us in the palm of His hand.As a Grandma I have been where you are calmness, loving and caring those are the words that carry us through. If we get embroiled in a child’s emotions it only carries us down the same path. Step back and ask for the calmness of He who calms the and blessings,Jan

  1. Patricia McLaughlin – So sorry I missed this btuueifal day. What gorgeous pictures, but how could they not be gorgeous when you have two btuueifal people who you see love each other so much. Best wishes Chris and Alex for a long happy life together.

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