All the Books

People ask me why my website has so little information on it. It’s a long story with which I will not bore you. Short version: I used to have a site with a page for each of my books, but I decided to create a new site, and it turns out I’m a very lazy web mistress.

To get things rolling in the right direction, I did at least make a list of my previous books, with some publication dates. Eventually, I’ll get around to making some sort of page dedicated to each (or most, or some…) of them:

Some Like It Sizzling 1/2003
Pleasure for Pleasure 2003
What a Girl Wants 12/2003
Some Kind of Sexy 2004
Too Wild 2004
As Hot As It Gets
Sexy All Over
A Whisper of Wanting
Sex Bomb
Call Me Wicked
Any Way You Want Me
The Sex Quotient
Once Upon a Seduction
Sex as a Second Language
Heating Up the Holidays: Up on the Housetop
Seducing a SEAL
Made You Look
A Forever Family
Baby Under the Mistletoe 12/2009
The One That Got Away 6/2010

There they are–all 20! Not all are in chronological order, because sadly I can’t remember when I wrote what. Most or all of the titles are still available on, either new or used, if you’re interested in tracking them down.

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