June Book Release

I have a new book out this month, entitled The One That Got Away. It’s a Harlequin Superromance, and here’s the cover:

Not my favorite cover, but it’s not the worst either. I wish the hero didn’t have such chubby cheeks.


  1. Hey, I’m back. Nice cover. I can’t tell if his cheeks are chubby or not. Her skirt is covering–oh, his FACE cheeks. Will have to pick it up next time I’m in Safeway and check it out.

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    • I love it! And I think you look very womanly with the short hair. (And I envy your alibity to smile with your eyes. I try and I try, thanks to Tyra Banks. I can neither smile with my eyes nor whistle. But I digress.)

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  2. Judy Pennell

    Cindy! You’re so FUNNY! I am ordering my copy today and I can’t wait, chubby cheeks or not—Jamie’s books always ROCK!

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