I’m Really NOT a Bad Driver

Today I backed into my apartment building on the way to take the kids to school. I was parked in a spot where I don’t normally park, and I had to back up at an odd angle to get out, and I had a weird feeling there was a support pillar that I wasn’t seeing as I backed up (it was in my blind spot), but I was actually looking and really couldn’t see anything. And then, crunch.

Yes, I felt really stupid. Luckily, there was only sort of minor damage to the bumper and one tail light. And it was a spot on the bumper that was already damaged from another minor incident in the apartment building parking lot (ahem), which, in my defense, is a ridiculously crowded and difficult-to-maneuver-a-car-through area.

Here are me and my poor car in happier, shinier days, before it had to endure me driving it:



  1. Thanks for the sympathy, LOL. I think my car’s just having a bad week–nail in the tire yesterday, backing into a building today…plus backing into a curb and opening my door onto a concrete barrier today as well.

    Yep. ENTIRELY the car’s fault!

    • the trick at 3:42 he did at the fallen sk8 demo today in calwnorl england last time we had anything like that was 1998 which was the e’s tour and i was a baby then so to meet jamie thomas and hang round with tommy sandoval was a great privalidge fpr me being only fourteen and ask where a pub is by john dixson :L

  2. Well, first off, I’m glad no one got hurt! Now, it sounds like the incidents in your apartment parking area are the product of poor design on the part of the architect and not your fault at all. My advice, if they don’t have assigned parking, find the best, easiest to get out of spot in the most well-lit area of the lot that isn’t too far from your door!

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