Moving My Blog

I’m thinking about doing away with my old Blogger blog, The Naked Page. I’m liking WordPress lots better already. So I guess that means losing years worth of content or else copy and pasting all those old posts…maybe I’ll create a best-of-the-old blog category. Hmm.


My brain is still recovering from hellacious revisions finished Monday night. I can’t do any heavy decision-making right now.


    • A note of gratitude for the gifts of widosm shared by Jamie Clark. Especially of value Jamie’s self-care, prayers and the setting of intention as important pieces to the work in healing service. I also appreciate the details of Jamie’s Spiritual Room, inspiring me to create my own. Thank You!

  1. I think is work is very impressive. Having No atirsitc talent myself, I have to rely on others for greatness. Thanks for the link, I have visted his blog and will so again!

  2. Blogging is the cheapest thpaery there is.And it does take time to build a readership but it is so fun. I don’t have much of a following anymore because I essentially quit blogging for 2 years. But my biggest traffic day ever was the day Tessa was born over 2500 (and that is nothing compared to the big bloggers) unique visitors to my blog that day to check on me and see how I was doing. That kind of support is pretty amazing.

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